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4.0 Branch
Windows XP

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I was very pleased to find the "sticky toolbar" issue that plagued Firefox 3 (but NOT Opera 11) was fixed with Firefox 4 where the toolbar on the upper side of the screen "sticks" there after entering fullscreen and moving the cursor near the top of the screen. I was very disappointed to find that the issue has NOT been resolved when I found the same issue persists if you are viewing a flash swf object directly (which might have something to do with hotkeys being disabled while a flash file has the browser target). Unlike in Opera which disables toolbars altogether in fullscreen mode, Firefox 3/4 doesn't even let you do that (disabling all "bars" will leave the tabs bar there; also an annoying feature since I don't use tabs. Why can't I disable or otherwise remove tab browsing?). The "sticky toolbars" have been a Major nuisance for me for years before I moved to Opera and I would appreciate it if this bug is fixed before Firefox 5. Thanks.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open a flash file (ex.: http://cache.armorgames.com/files/games/the-i-of-it-11371.swf)
2. Go to View -> Full Screen (F11) (since F11 doesn't actually work, another bug that's been abandoned for ages)
3. Move mouse cursor to top of the screen (Check if "Hide Toolbars" is enabled)
4. Move mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen
5. Enjoy a slightly disfigured gaming experience until you exit fullscreen (which you can't do with Esc) and enter fullscreen mode again, only to experience the bug every time you happen to flick your mouse upwards. Rage ensues.

Actual Results:  
The toolbars and tab bar stay stuck at the top of the screen forever.

Expected Results:  
The toolbar should hide itself the same way it did the first time. Alternatively users should be able to manually remove all toolbars and tab bar if no other option is available.


7 years ago
Version: unspecified → 4.0 Branch

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6 years ago
I think this is a duplicate of bug 639643. I can confirm this with last nightly and has a code fix (all details in that bug).
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