If I have permission to edit test cases but not test cycles, I still get the test cycle management page when I select the 'manage' tab.



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The manage tab shows up if I have case-edit permissions. But when I select it I get the cycles management page - even though I don't get the cycle management link in the sidebar. It's a bit confusing. I got here by logging in as tester@example.com on my local platform.

Reproducible: Always
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The whole permissions system needs a thorough review in terms of how we want it to work and what should be locked down from who. We've got stories for that later. For now, I just made it less confusing by making all manage panes available to any user; just the per-row action buttons and the "create new" button are hidden unless you have perms to edit that type of object.
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Also, "View Results" and "Manage" links will be available for any logged-in user, both are now hidden until you log in.
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