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[br] Breton translation for Thunderbird 3.3


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Our team has recently made an official release for Firefox 4 and we would like to do the same with Thunderbid 3.3.

We have just started working on Thunderbird 3.3 but you can find the translation for Thunderbird 3.1 in the attached file.

Is there anything I should do, apart from updating the translation ?
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An here is the localization for Thunderbird 3.3 (comm-miramar)
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Attachment #530919 - Flags: review?(l10n)
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Breton translation for Thunderbird 3.3 (comm-miramar)

Hi Michel, thank you for taking on Thunderbird.

I can take a look at this. The compare locales output looks good, but there's a few more in-depth things that I need to check. I'll try and get time soon to look at this.
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Breton translation for Thunderbird 3.3 (comm-miramar)

This looks fine, I'll set up the l10n builders for you (which will also mean it'll being showing up on the l10n dashboard).
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Michel, if you need help to go through, don't hesitate to ping me.
The builders are all set up - you'll get nightly builds from tomorrow. br is also now listed on the l10n dashboard for 3.3x:

Please mark this bug as fixed when you land the changes.
Thanks, the changes are landed !
Signs-offs are still closed but I suppose I will be able to do that later.
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