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As was discovered in bug 52921, is not checking for the minimum 
required versions of the various prerequisites.  It merely checks to see if you 
have that module/program, it doesn't make sure it's a recent enough version.

The module checking section in should include checks for the 
version numbers for modules that matter.  It wouldn't hurt if it would check the 
version of mySQL and Sendmail as well, instead of printing the reminder notice 
all the time at the end.

The majority of the Perl modules' versions can be checked by looking at the 
$ModuleName::VERSION variable after the module has been loaded.

mySQL version can be checked by logging in and doing SELECT VERSION()

Sendmail version can be checked by doing "/usr/sbin/sendmail -bs" and parsing the 
version number out of the 220 reponse line, then closing the pipe.

As discovered in bug 52921, minimum version for DBI is 1.13 to use Bugzilla's 
current features.
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Check version of DBI
The version comparison used in the above patch will pass version 1.5 (which it 
shouldn't, because 1.13 is newer).  So it'll need to have the logic redone a 
Yeah, yeah, I know we're trying to eliminate the 2.12 stuff, but this really 
needs to be in there. :)  Especially since we have stuff in the code that 
requires a newer version of DBI than what b.m.o. is running :-)

I'm taking ownership on this one, will attempt to have a more comprehensive patch 
up in the next day or two.
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OK, just need to know what version numbers to use for all the Perl modules...

The README doesn't mention most of them.  I have a system I installed Bugzilla on 
about a year ago that I know most of the Perl stuff hasn't been updated since 
then...  should I just take whatever the version numbers are on there and assume 
that's what we need?

Terry, you've been around Bugzilla the longest, you happen to remember what it 
requires, or do we just know we need that module?
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Patch to check versions
OK, here's the patch.  It does everything but Sendmail, and I'm out of time to 
add that part before making a trip this afternoon.  If I get around to it, maybe 
I'll add that part later tonight.  It checks versions the correct way (3.22.32 is 
greater than 3.22.5) and also checks the version of the MySQL server.

For the Perl modules that I couldn't find minimum versions listed for anywhere, 
the check still just checks to make sure you have it, and doesn't care what 

If I don't get the sendmail part in, it can still get into 2.12 as is.
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per irc, r=tara

checked in.

We can file a new bug to check for Sendmail if we really want it.

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17 years ago
Sorry for the spam, but I needed to be able to query for all of these correctly.
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17 years ago
V.  This is much nicer then the simple "Reminder:" lines at the end.  :)
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