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Use mozmm for Fennec chrome theme on all platforms


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Currently we use mozmm for chrome theme sizes on Android, and px on other platforms.  This patch switches to using mozmm on all platforms.  For desktop builds it also sets layout.css.dpi to 240 so desktop Fennec will continue to resemble Fennec on HDPI mobile devices, as it does now.

* Less risk of mistakes causing Android and non-Android chrome to get out of sync.
* We can now use the layout.css.dpi preference to test how Fennec will look at different resolutions.
* We don't need a named #define for every single length in the chrome theme (though we can still use them if we want to).

* This will make Fennec chrome elements about 10% larger on N900, since it has a 265dpi display, while the mozmm sizes are based on the current px sizes on a 240dpi display.

Separate from this bug, I'm planning to add UI in desktop Fennec that can set the width/height/dpi/scaleRatio prefs to simulate different types of mobile devices.
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I do want to keep the defines. Makes it easier to adjust things and be consistent.
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This ensures that we are testing the same thing on Android and desktop.

One downside to this patch is that you will need to flip layout.css.dpi to 240 in you desktop build if you want to simpulate HDPI devices (like most high-end phones), and back to 160 simulate MDPI devices (like most Honeycomb tablets).

On the other hand, it's now much easier to test simulate different DPI levels on desktop.  Previously, the desktop defines for Froyo/Gingerbread were hard-coded to look like 240dpi and the defines for Honeycomb were hard-coded to look like 160dpi.
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fingers crossed
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