"plugin-name" is not described in detail on how it should be formatted.



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Many moons ago, there was a document which described the Plugin Identifier (PLID) format in great detail (now archived here: http://www-archive.mozilla.org/projects/plugins/plugin-identifier.html).

The current documentation on how to register your plugin on Windows is documented here:

The problem is this new document doesn't describe the format for the PLID.  It just gives a generic "plugin-name" (HKLM/Software/MozillaPlugins/plugin-name).

The nice thing about the old PLID docs is that it was very specific and allowed for creation of identifiers which were likely not to conflict.  The current docs imply the user can create any name they want.

Are the "old" PLID guidelines still valid?  If so, they should be added to the current document or revived as a separate document and linked.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Read current docs (https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Gecko_Plugin_API_Reference/Plug-in_Development_Overview#Windows_Installation_Using_the_Registry) on creating a registry entry for your plugin.  There are no guidelines for generating a "plugin-name"

Actual Results:  
The docs should either include, or link to, the old PLID specification - assuming it's still valid.

Expected Results:  
Specific guidelines for creating a plugin-name for creating a Windows registry key for registering a plugin.


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Plugins are deprecated, we won't update this documentation.
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