When using a search engine keyword, UI should indicate a keyword is being used, like Chrome




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Steps to reproduce:

1. Set up a search engine keyword, e.g., "w" for Wikipedia.

2. Type "w foo" in the location bar (don't hit Enter).

Firefox 4.0 behavior: Location bar reads "w foo".  No visual indication is given that hitting Enter will actually search Wikipedia instead of behaving like for any other search term.

Chrome 13 dev behavior: As soon as you type "w ", it disappears.  The left part of the search box becomes a gray box that says "Search en.wikipedia.org:", and the rest is empty, with the cursor at the beginning.  Hitting backspace returns to the normal search box, with just "w" in it, same as Firefox.

This is a nice touch that makes Chrome's search keywords implementation slightly less mysterious than Firefox's.
Whiteboard: [parity-chrome]
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86 → All
This is mostly a dupe of bug 445955 except for the UI.  We currently show a special awesomebar result for bookmark keywords to indicate that a search will happen.  It seems like you'd prefer UI in the awesomebar itself.
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