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Addons are no longer on AMO


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(Reporter: mkaply, Assigned: jbalogh)


I suspect they've ended up in guarded-addons.  -> jbalogh to investigate and fix
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Severity: blocker → normal
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Target Milestone: --- → 6.0.12
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Target Milestone: 6.0.12 → 6.0.11
We can't be the only people this happened to.

Any updates on this? These are two of our most popular addons.
2 : from addons.models import Addon
3 : a = Addon.objects.get(id=11160)
4 : a.current_version.all_files
5 : a.current_version
6 : f = a.current_version.all_files[0]
7 : f.unhide_disabled_file()
8 : f.copy_to_mirror()
9 : a = Addon.objects.get(id=13703)
10: a.current_version
11: f = a.current_version.all_files[0]
12: f.unhide_disabled_file()
13: f.copy_to_mirror()
14: a = Addon.objects.get(id=12518)
15: f = a.current_version.all_files[0]
16: f.unhide_disabled_file()
17: f.copy_to_mirror()
18: _ip.magic("hist ")
OK, they're back.

So, why did they disappear?

And why can't I view the validation results from the 4.0->5.0 thing?
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I still don't see any answers to my question.

And this comment:

> Files are getting stuck in /guarded-addons for some reason

Doesn't help.

Did these files get stuck in guarded because of the 4.0->5.0 version bump?

Why don't the validation links work?

Why are you working around the problem instead of figuring out why it broke?
We've been seeing add-ons stuck in /guarded-addons for the past few weeks.  We haven't determined a cause or a pattern but it doesn't have to do with the 4.0->5.0 version bump.

If the validator wasn't expecting to find your add-ons in /guarded-addons when it ran, the links will be broken.

The patch above fixes the problem and adds additional logging so we can determine what is causing it.  As I mentioned, we haven't seen a pattern yet.

Thanks for the fix, jbalogh.
Interesting. So it was a chicken and egg problem.

I thought they were not available because of the version bump.

But it turns out they failed to get the version bump because they weren't available.


Thanks for the explanation.
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