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Windows 7 Jumplist Integration


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Windows 7
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On windows 7 (and I think Vista) it is possible to customize the right click menu of the task bar as illustrated here with powershell I am requesting that when Chatzilla is installed that it adds a menu item to the Firefox icon in the task bar to start chatzilla. I would also like chatzilla to have a separate icon when it is launches. Basically I am requesting the behavior of PowershellISE in the taskbar.

Reproducible: Always

It looks like the way to get this stuff is via nsIWinTaskbar::createJumpListBuilder.
Summary: Would like Chatzilla to Show up in the task bar right click menu on windows 7. → Windows 7 Jumplist Integration
Yes having Chatzilla its own icon and separate from the others on the taskbar would be nice.
Using the code listed at
as a reference, I was able to write up something that changed the Firefox jumplist.

Unfortunately it looks like Firefox overwrites my new jumplist as soon as the history changes. Mozilla doesn't provide any documentation (that I could find) on how to add things to the jumplist, so I'm not sure if it'll be possible to do this without FF immediately reverting the changes.
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