moderators do not have tagging permissions on the Firefox forum on


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I recently created a test post in the Firefox forum on and noticed that I didn't see the X to delete tags and the box to add new threads. A while back I asked to give us permission to edit tags and that was added on the site. I also see the tag tools on the site, so it looks that the was forgotten.


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7 years ago
That's an admin issue that should not be in bugzilla.
As far as I can see moderators on have the same rights as on, but I have added you specifically to the tagger group, Cor-el. Can you try again?

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7 years ago
No. It is still not working.
There is an "Edit this post" button and a "Lock this post" form, but no tag form.

* Edit this post
* Lock this post
* Get email updates
* Subscribe to feed

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 <ul class="tag-list immutable">
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That's really strange. James, is there anything different on support-stage than on production? As far as I can see those rights should give Cor-el the privs to add and remove tags.
Scoobi was right in comment 1: not a bug.

The permission "questions | question | Can add tags to and remove tags from questions" was not granted to the Forum Moderators group on support-release. It is now.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
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7 years ago
Yes, it is working now.
Thanks for fixing this James.
I had asked on the forum and didn't get a response, so I tried it here.

Can't we ask for missing or not working features here?

The possibility to attach a screenshot would also be useful to show what we get.
I'm sorry I missed your request on the contributor forum, Cor-el. If something is broken, yes, please file a bug. If it's an administration request, please ask in the forums or send me a private message. 

Btw, you can attach screenshots on Bugzilla. Just click on "Add an attachment" on top of the comment area.
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