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sessionrestore do not work


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I have seamonkey-2.0.14 (Gecko/20110521) and have lost my opened tabs few times in the past, and now am close to it again with 2.0.14.

When one of the pages somehow breaks seamonkey I cannot get to yield the fully started session. 

It is nice that the session restore window advices the user to delete one of the possibly offending pages which are on the "to be restored" list but the problem is that I do not know HOW. I can select a row, but pressing Delete button does nothing. If I say "Restore session" on my screen the border of the window blinks once or twice (I had two browser windows with many tabs in each) but then no window is really rendered on my screen (fvwm2), no minimized icon. seamonkey is running, was easting quite a lot of CPU.

In the end, I would give up as in the past and and pick the "Start a new session" or similarly name one button.

I found sessionrestore.json and sessionrestore.bak file in $HOME/.mozilla/seamonkey/. I am attaching the .json file, from which I am unable to recover. I moved the file under another name so it is not recognized at he moment. What section do I have to delete/change in the file to recover at least the window2?

At the moment I think the issue is that my window1 has only one tab, named about:sessionrestore and that breaks seamonkey. The window2 still has tabs defined.

As I start seamonkey manually from xterm I can bring the process into foreground and pres ctrl+c to close it.

Reproducible: Always
> I can select a row, but pressing Delete button does nothing.

You deselect (or select) a window/tab by clicking the checkmark in the Restore column.

> If I say "Restore session" ...

Using your sessionstore.json, two windows opened for me.

One, about:sessionrestore.  Two, a window with multiple tabs.

Most likely what happened is that at some point Session Restore kicked in for you, but you never acknowledged the restore request.  You did not restore, nor did you start a new session.

What you must have done was to open a new (another) window & multiple tabs within that.

When you were done, you Quit, saving the session.

At that point sessionstore.json had recorded two windows.

One of the two happened to be the about:sessionrestore window.  The other was your Window with all the tabs.

When you restart again, the same thing happens again.  Those windows open.  In this case, Session Restore is not kicking in.  The about:sessionrestore window only opens because it happened to be open when you saved your session (& only because you did not acknowledge it before).

Now if you were to click the 'Restore Previous Session', what will happen is that the second window that is currently open will remain, & then two new windows (as identified in about:sessionrestore) will open, each window having multiple tabs.

That should restore all your windows/tabs.

It actually /appears/ that two of the windows are duplicated (which I guess makes sense).

So if you closed one of the duplicate sets, Save & Quit, then restart, it should leave you with only your two windows, each with multiple tabs (& no longer any about:sessionrestore window).
A couple weird, IMO, screen locations in there:

It doesn't crash on my latest trunk - Linux x64. However it had about:sessionrestore in it's first window, which is wrong, and as far as i can remember caused by some bug, which should be already fixed.
Is this still reproducible with modern SeaMonkey versions?
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