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Add inline inspection to the webconsole


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At the moment attempt to inspecting any object dumped into webconsole requires at least three actions:

1. Click on the dumped object.
2. Unfolding desired property in the inspect dialog.
3. Closing a dialog.

While I can imagine case were keeping inpect dialog is useful I never actually did. Also I find web-inpector's behavior of inline inspection far more useful, as inspection requires only one action (unfold).

I think it webconsole would be far more useful and better suited for common cases if web-inspector like inline inspection was possible. In addition click with some modifier key could be used to bring the up the separate inspect dialog in order to cover those rare cases were it's useful.
I think what you describe is console.dir() which we're adding in bug 659907. Or are you suggesting we change teh way inspect() works as well?
Let's get console.dir in and then consider this.
(In reply to comment #1)
> I think what you describe is console.dir() which we're adding in bug 659907.
> Or are you suggesting we change teh way inspect() works as well?

Nope `console.dir` is completely different thing. Just try to write `window` in the webconsole and then inspect `` without typing it (in real life you usually don't know properties you're trying to get to). See how long it takes you to get to host ? Now try to copy that :(

Now try the same in web inspector, you'll see what I mean!
console.dir will not make up for the funcitonality that gozala would like to see. I agree, I think at one point we considered getting rid of the floating inspection panels to make the web console more like a *console*. I personally would rather see inline inspection and for us to not use panels so much. It slows down fast developers.
I mentioned console.dir(), because in Firebug the only difference between inspect() and console.dir() that I can see is that the former opens a different tab, while the latter displays the same output in the console tab. They both provide the same means for drilling down to the particular property you are looking for. In Web inspector, inspect(), console.dir() and evaluating an object are all the same thing.

You are apparently interested in the latter case, that is evaluating an object and having the ability to traverse its properties inside the console, so I'm thinking that when we get console.dir() that provides for inline inspection in the web console, we could then modify the expression evaluation to present the interactive property view of the result, instead of a clickable toString().

The inability to copy parts of the property list, should probably be considered a separate bug.
I think the main point here is that we should have made inline inspection and inline network inspection the default behavior for the web console. It is faster and cleaner and more console-like
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yep, true.
(In reply to sys.sgx from comment #7)
> yep, true.

(Sys, again, use the vote button instead of this kind of comment. Please understand that commenting on all the bugs you "agree" with spam dozen of people every time)
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