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some addons should be mutually exclusive


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #382312 +++

Proposing a less ambitious implementation aimed at a narrower problem:

Certain combinations of addons are known to cause instability when used together, including crashes, hangs, slowness, and generally a poor user experience.

One example seen from providing support would be the overlapping features of flashblock, adblock plus, and noscript.

The addon manager, AMO, and the extension blocklist should all provide the ability for addons to be declared as mutually exclusive, either on a hard (prevent installing until the conflicting addon is removed) or soft (warn the user that X and Y at the same time can cause crashes) basis.

This would allow unstable situations to be both proactively prevented (by extension authors noting addons that don't play well with others), and also allow reactive measures to be taken from crash analysis data.

This proposal omits any consideration of dependencies, so it would probably be a much simpler thing to implement than bug 382312 for a lot of gain as far as user experiences go.
This has been talked about a number of times but I'm just not sure the number of problems it solves is worth very much effort. How many add-ons do we have that conflict with each other?
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