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Clarify text on button that restarts/updates


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Currently, the button in the About window shows "Apply Update" when an update is ready to install. It can be unexpected that this restarts the browser.

Suggested improvement: Change the button to say "Restart to Update" instead, which better describes what happens. (better wording suggestions are welcome!)
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Rob, would this work to change the text of the button, or are there other things I need to consider?

Limi, I think "Restart to Update" sounds right to me, but it would be easy enough to change this before finishing this patch.
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Should be fine.
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Limi, do we want to use "Restart to Update"? If so, I can get an r+ and land this patch.
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Still something we want to do?
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Oops, sorry this fell through the cracks. WFM.
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Patch still applies.
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It is little confusing , Restart the browser or restart the system?
(In reply to bogas04 from comment #9)
> It is little confusing , Restart the browser or restart the system?

Restart the browser (this is what the button was already doing).
No that's not what my point was. I am aware it means restarting the browser , but to new users who have experienced the requirement of a system restart upon IE Update would remain in confusion. Not everyone would be nerdy enough to know it...
The new wording of "Restart to Update" is now visible on Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:15.0) Gecko/15.0 Firefox/15.0a1 ID:20120521030525

I tend to agree with comment 11, the only "Restart" an inexperienced user would know of is the one on "Start" > "Shut down" > "Restart" this might confuse them and cause them not to "Restart to Update" for whatever reason.

But I'd contend somebody that's "nerdy enough" to go to "Firefox" > "Help" > "About Firefox" would probably know the difference.

The combination of might and probably on the two previous sentences could cause a small percentage of users to remain on a vulnerable version of Firefox if they never "Restart" either Firefox or their OS.
An extra note beneath the button saying "This will not reboot your system" can solve this , unless we really don't want to make it simple and intuitive enough without creating doubts in mind of the user.
Duplicate of this bug: 666086
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