Does downloading Firefox make me awesome?


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Download confirmation for Firefox and Chrome

I noticed that the title the user views after downloading Chrome is now "your awesome!" while we just say "thanks for downloading FIREFOX!"  Technically downloading Firefox makes you even more awesome, so while I'm hesitant to start some kind of user ego-inflation arms race, I figured I would file a bug to see if we want to up the ante with our download thanks.

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7 years ago
Copying our resident awesomeness specialist, Matej. 

Matej, thoughts?

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7 years ago
random idea related to the puppy in a box icon that we're thinking about using for our installer. Assuming we wanted to do that, could begin the framing as early as the download page.  Something like:

"Here's your Firefox, he'll take care of you online!"

So instead of the product as a badge of trendyness (chrome, sunglasses, etc.)  we focus more on the angle of the relationship one has with a beloved pet.

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7 years ago
Good noted in the master bug, I'd like to make sure whatever image we put forth here fits the overall brand tone we're trying to project. Building an emotional connection between the user and Firefox is great; am not sure we really want the relationship to be owner/pet though (or other variants of that dynamic).

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7 years ago
I agree with John in comment 3. I think the the puppy in a box idea would be better suited to a Join/donate/support message. And I'm not sure that the idea of Firefox taking care of you is one that most users would connect with.

That said, I love the idea of updating our messaging here. Maybe it's something as simple as "Welcome to a better Web" or "better online experience." Or congratulating them vs. thanking them. I think even a subtle shift could have a big impact. I'll keep thinking about this and let you know what else I come up with.

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7 years ago
(In reply to comment #1)
> Copying our resident awesomeness specialist, Matej. 

Can that be my new title?


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Can I close this? We don't have to mimic Chrome.
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