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The GCLI popup menu should be accessible in addition to the main command line

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6 years ago
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Firefox 17

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Bug 653567 deals with the accessibility of the command line itself. We expect the popup help to be checked in in a later release, so I'm separating the 2 parts of the job.
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6 years ago
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Tricky to estimate because it's likely to involve lots of to and fro. Elapsed time likely to be much longer than estimates.
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6 years ago
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This part of GCLI is getting close to landing, so I'd like to get some accessibility feedback if possible.

There is a demo on the web:

Firefox developer tools will be using something very similar to this (same codebase) to replace the Javascript command line.

The change from the last time we talked about GCLI is that in addition to an input box, there is now a hint area which can take user input.

The hint area is designed to help discoverability. So I would like to ensure that it is voiced properly, and I've added aria-live attributes to do this.

Normally we would ensure that things are keyboard accessible, and I expect this to be too, however I suspect that for the most part keyboard access will be to the command line.
Blocks: 659052
No longer blocks: 675923
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Moving GCLI bugs to Developer Tools: Console. Filter on 'baked beans are off'.
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Duplicate of this bug: 717424
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GCLI Triage.
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Target Milestone: Firefox 16 → Firefox 17
GCLI is accessible as far as I know how. If we have problems then we should raise specific issues for them.

Triage, filter on TEABAGS
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