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Update webpage IDN list


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From bug 584989 comment 13

Just a further note:
We still need to update the IDN Enabled list
with two entries,  .xn--fzc2c9e2c and .xn--xkc2al3hye2a.

The Registry URL is:
The Policy URL is:

I am on an IDN Panel with Sarves at the upcoming ICANN meeting in Singapore, and I'd like to make the changes to the web page so that they are included there as well.
Actually, there are a number of updates required, based on the recent changes.

Jothan: feel like making a patch? :-) You can check out the website code tree using this command:

svn co

The file is in the place you'd expect based on its URL.

Summary: Update webpage IDN list to add .<Lanka> and .<Ilangai> → Update webpage IDN list
I'll take it.

In looking at this, there are some changes I'd like to make in and above updating the list to reflect harmonization with the js file.

In addition to that, the following should be done.

1] I'd like to list both of our names, and change the listed email address to an email address that comes to both and so that I am in the loop on the requests.  My name being listed there is so that when I am reaching out to the registries, people there can easily corroborate my effort/request.  I recognize this will attract me some arrows from the 'haters' in the ccTLD / gTLD community who 'hate' on the whitelist, but c'est la vie.

2] For TLDs that are IDN, I would like to separate these out into an IDN section, and label the IDN to also show the native character representation in UTF8 so that it is more apparent to the reader.

3] I'd like to clean up the Neil Harris Quote into a <blockquote> section or something to hold the context of it being a quote.

4] I would like to add a "I am a TLD administrator and want to be listed" section that explains our policies (at least where we're not terribly subjective and can document it) plus have a link on the page for a TLD administrator to click to submit their TLD and other informational bits to us, with all the pre-requisite fields loaded as get variables into the link.

Any resistance or comments?

Assignee: nobody → jothan
No resistance; go right ahead :-)

The attached is a comprehensive patch that does everything I mentioned,

I'd like to get the current patch applied, and make a subsequent patch that talks a bit more about the homonym issue and trouble characters like ligatures and what not, and incorporate the ICANN IDN Policies so that it is not all on us that we're being too stringent.
Gerv, please review
Assignee: jothan → gerv
I have been identified to participate on a team working with ICANN on Variant IDN TLDs.  There will be six teams, I am leading coordination the LATIN character set team.

If possible, I'd like to have the updated patch implemented prior to June 15, 2011 so that I can present and discuss the whitelist there and grow participation.  I will capture feedback and update the page again in July.

One of the July additions will be the reference to the ICANN IDN Implimentation Guidelines, but just for our further reference when I update the page with more information (post ICANN Singapore)... 

Unicode tr36 holds some recommendations that further support the whitelist approach or some of the data we're requiring:

In the following URL:   
section 2.10.4 "Recommendations for Registries"
item B "Publicly document the enforcement policy on confusables: whether two domain names are allowed to be single-script or mixed script confusables"

If there are other cited references we can use it would be helpful if I could be provided those, either by email or here on the bug.

Comment on attachment 537242 [details] [diff] [review]
Updates IDN Whitelist TLD Page; Catches listed TLDs up to current all.js

I don't need to be on the list of people to email. Also, getting people to file bugs means that their email address has already been validated (i.e. you can know they are an official registry representative). So I would just offer that route.

In the bug template, the space in "Registry :" bugs me :-)

Other than that, r=gerv.

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I fixed those two issues and checked it in. If you want further changes, no problem - new bug, new patch :-)

Sending        projects/security/tld-idn-policy-list.html
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 89954.

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css issue : renders odd in 4.0.1

New patch does the following:
Resolution: FIXED → ---
patch to fix css render issue
Assignee: gerv → jothan
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Comment on attachment 537242 [details] [diff] [review]
Updates IDN Whitelist TLD Page; Catches listed TLDs up to current all.js

Another process point: don't mark a patche obsolete unless you have uploaded another patch which replaces it in function :-) Successor patches do not obsolete original patches.

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Sending        projects/security/tld-idn-policy-list.html
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 90040.

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