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[Mac] When trying to choose a helper app, the app bundle expands


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firefox5 --- unaffected
firefox6 + fixed
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(Reporter: jruderman, Assigned: mounir)



(Keywords: regression, useless-UI, ux-implementation-level)


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Steps to reproduce:
2. Click "Choose..."
3. Click

Expected: the "Open" button should now be enabled

Result: the app bundle has been expanded, showing a "Contents" subfolder.

Regression: Bug is present on trunk (7) and aurora (6), but not beta (5).

Impact: Combined with bug 589176, this makes the "Open with helper app" feature entirely useless for people who don't know how to dig into an .app bundle and find the right executable. So somewhere between ux-implementation-level and useless-UI.

(And maybe the initial folder also stopped defaulting to /Applications/ like it should?)
So this is really weird....  I can reproduce in my normal browsing profile, but not in a clean profile using the same nightly.

Jesse, do you see this in a clean profile too?
The pref that causes the problem for me is "filepicker.lastTypeIndex", which is set to "1".

This is set because at some point I saved a web page and chose "HTML only".

And then nsFilePicker::GetFilterList() is just broken:

548   if (mFilters.Length() <= (PRUint32)mSelectedTypeIndex) {
549     return nil;
550   }

so if mFilters.Length() == 1 in my case (as it is for the app picker, which just has the filterApps filter), GetFilterList will incorrectly return nil instead of the actual single filter desired.  And then |filters| is null in the code bug 656260 added, and things break.
This bug actually appeared with bug 643576 but was hidden because of a very old bug fixed by bug 656260.

I'm going to attach a patch that fixes the issue but I would prefer to just remove "filepicker.lastTypeIndex" preference which is only used on MacOS and doesn't seem useful: you might want to select the first item of a filter list sometimes and the second some other times and the preference will try to default to the wrong one each time...
Josh, would you be okay if I remove this 'feature'?
Blocks: 643576
No longer blocks: 656260
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Component: File Handling → Widget: Cocoa
QA Contact: file-handling → cocoa
Assignee: nobody → mounir.lamouri
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So what does this preference do?  Persist the last-selected filter index?

For the specific case of "html only" vs "complete", do we remember the chosen value elsewhere?
(In reply to comment #7)
> So what does this preference do?  Persist the last-selected filter index?
> For the specific case of "html only" vs "complete", do we remember the
> chosen value elsewhere?

Yes, but I think it's done by toolkit/content/contentAreaUtils.js

Except if this code doesn't work for MacOS X, it looks like we do that twice.
I prefer this patch that removes the cause of the failure and also falls back to 0 (and warns) when the index is out of range. I believe it's a saner fallback than fallback to no filter.
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Sorry, that was the wrong file.
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Work around the preference

Canceling review here because it seems like you prefer the other patch and I do too.
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Remove the pref and fallback to 0

Approved for mozilla-aurora
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