No sign-offs for Danish, Norwegian for Firefox 5 Mobile (was also German, Polish)



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7 years ago
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7 years ago
We currently have no sign-offs for Firefox 5 Mobile for Danish, German, Norwegian, Polish. Filing a tracking bug to get tracking.

Three of them are green, but German actually has missing strings,

For Danish, German, Polish, there are diffs between 4.0.1 and 5, Norwegian apparently didn't ship, AFAICT right now.




nb-NO looks good, too. The wikipedia plugin doesn't use the mobile version, but I wouldn't block on that.
tracking-fennec: ? → 5+
Note: These languages are not currently in 5b4.  They are however in the most current nightly and aurora.
Pike - so if we went to build with these languages in their current state, we would end up with some en-US strings in the locales? I assume "merge-strings" is in effect. Is that right?

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7 years ago
I'm having stas and kadir on the topic, it's a matter of minutes for the two.

At this point, we could either do a risky or bold step and go with Danish without sign-off, though, as I said that the diff looks cool to me. Not speaking a single non-curse word of Danish.

Norwegian would be having all strings, and part of maemo-locales, but we're not shipping it on 4. Sad to miss, but no baseline for me to talk about. Not too comfortable.

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7 years ago
OK, German and Polish are in. And by now I know that we're intending to go to build on Wednesday, 9am PDT, so Soeren and Havard, you can still move the needle.
Summary: No sign-offs for Danish, German, Norwegian, Polish for Firefox 5 Mobile → No sign-offs for Danish, Norwegian for Firefox 5 Mobile (was also German, Polish)

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7 years ago
Havard signed off, and for Danish, l10n-drivers took a bold step and decided to take the most recent changeset on beta. This is in combination of the diff between 4 and 5, a sign-off on desktop 5, and two changesets between that and head that should be good for mobile.

As such, we're done.
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5b5 had all 4 languages.  Verified:

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