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The Website Task Force has determined that should be retired. This website should follow the standard retirement process found at:
Assignee: nobody → chrismore.bugzilla
David: Do you know who to contact about this website or who may have been the product owner?
(In reply to comment #1)
> David: Do you know who to contact about this website or who may have been
> the product owner?

Gandalf set up the site and would have information about if it's being maintained now or not.  He would probably also be able to tell us what content on there is being actively worked on.

I know the Community Marketing Guide pages are still being actively used, so we could discuss moving those to if we decide to retire  I'm copying Mary since she would have more information about who owns the Marketing Guide content.
Copying William Quiviger too.
I agree with David, we should move to as it's still being used. The long terms plan is to move all the contents to the Mozilla Reps portal once the portal goes live end of Q3 or early Q4.
William/David: I agree on moving the content to the wiki.

How about this location? (yet to be created)
(In reply to comment #5)
> How about this location? (yet to be created)

I don't have a strong opinion -- I'll let William or Mary say what would work best.

Note that the Marketing Guide isn't the only thing that may need to get moved over.  We'll need to audit everything that's there if we do retire the site.
I'm fine with this suggested location :)
Can I just move over just the content or are the embedded images also important? I found a program where I can batch upload websites to MediaWiki. Testing it out now. If I can get it working for the Marketing section, I can do it for the others.
Keeping the images would be great. But if that proves too complicated to move, let's just focus on moving the content then. Thanks!
yeah, I'm ok with that. I'd like to review and move what's possible to wiki.m.o but I won't have time to do that this week :(
If you need any help, just ping me.
Pulling the Apache log files for this website to help determine what content is being viewed the most.
Blocks: 691938
Stats Summary:

* 150-200 visits per day
* The most accessed page receives 50% of the site's total traffic.
* 75% of visitors to the most accessed page on the website leave the website completely.
* Most common search term "bugzilla tutorial" which leads to this page:

Top 5  accessed content:

1) Marketing (
2) Mozilla Community ( (homepage)
3) Firefox 3.5 (
4) Promotional Items (
5) Advertising (


* The site does not get a lot of traffic relative to other websites.
* Most of the content and campaigns are obsolete
* Site contains a lot of broken links and redirects
* Most users do not traverse the site beyond the top visited page.


* Redirect the entire website to or somewhere else appropriate on the wiki.
Some of this content is worth saving and moving.  Chelsea mentioned that she's taking a look through this now, so I suggest giving her a little bit longer to audit things.

I'd also suggest that Gandalf complete a review too (as he mentions wanting to do in comment #10) to make sure we've picked up the important content.
How much time do I (or whoever is going to help me :) ) have to review this? Alternately, will this page be archived somewhere where I can find it?
Chelsea: We can do two things. Retire the website and I can provide a text archive of the website to comb through for relevant content. Or.... keep the website live until you have had time to review it all. It has been in my queue for a few months to retire and I haven't got much traction from someone telling me what we should keep. As long as there is movement and a date we are working toward, I will be good with it. How about another 2 weeks to let me know if you have had time to review and extract content?
I'm totally good with a text archive.
Chelsea: I've mirrored the entire website here:
Got it. Thanks Chris.
Chelsea: Since we have a local static copy of the website, where should I redirect to?
all of the guides? I don't know. David. Any suggestions?
It looks like the marketing guide was the only one of the guides getting traffic, so I think we can point the whole site to wherever we put the new marketing information.

I also think it's fine to point to a new Marketing guide that's being built out, so no need to wait until we've updated and polished everything.

Chelsea, any estimate on when we could get a basic Marketing guide going on the wiki and then we could point to that?
Mid-next week at the earliest.
CC'ing Debloper and Leo on this bug so they are aware of the changes that are coming to the site.  

They're looking at updating the Mozilla Community Sites information and the following guides page about creating community websites has some relevant information:

Debloper and Leo, the plan is to retire the site as a stand-alone site and to move the relevant content to or other appropriate places.  Feel free to grab what makes sense and move it to
Thanks David.

What I was planning on this for quite a while now, finally have been able to sneeze-out-loud:

Sure it sounds a little crazy now; none less that what bug 495800 did. ;)
Any update on this? I would like to retire and redirect this website to a new location. We won't lose any information as I have a static copy of it all here:
Hey Chris, 
I'm working with some people to create new content for this page. We're not meeting until the 24th. Sorry to had more delay, but it content won't be ready for the new page until a few weeks after that.

Cheers, Chelsea
Any update? :)
Copy and new Wiki link coming tomorrow! Just in time.
New copy and wiki page:

It will get fancier with time and love, but it was time to get the out-of-date information out of the way. A link to the old guide archive has been placed at the bottom.
Sounds good! I will put in an IT bug to redirect the old domain to the new location. Thanks!
Website is removed and redirected. Thanks!
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