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Provide helper function for opening the library in tests


(Firefox :: Bookmarks & History, defect)

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Firefox 7


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any reason to change reviewer here? I can do this, I'd rather not disturb sdwilsh for this stuff.
Feel free to steal from Shawn. I just had the impression that you're busy with other stuff, since this waited a few days even though I expected this to be a very quick review.
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Sorry sometimes context switching is expensive, I'm running through reviews queue now.

So, I like this, the only doubt I still have is whether we may need an additional executeSoon due to the fact some of the Library trees stuff is inited lazily (especially the details pane overlay). I know waitForFocus does that once and I assume if you ran this through try so it may be enough as it is.
But as a protection vs randomness, I'd prefer it this may land first on Places and bake a couple days. I can push it if you don't want to clone the branch.
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Feel free to land this on places. That tree appears to be in a bad shape, though...
Yes, I was working on that to be able to merge.
I have a local patch that should fix all livemarks tests random failures, I'll need a review on that but then it should go green. Since these changes are on b-c tests and other failures are on chrome-tests it should be fine.

Will land in the next minutes along with your other bug 663630.
Sorry, it took a while to figure out how to make Mercurial correctly handle your name :)
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