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Build Identifier: Eudora OSE version 1

I have quite a few issues with the new OSE version.

New mail notifications come but there is no new mail. After then manually checking the mail on my server again, the mail pops up (sometimes). So on notification of new incoming, I don't know if I really have new mail or not.

I have been using Eudora since 2002. So each year I file incoming and outgoing messages for that year in a new folder. Often I need to go back and find an old correspondence and have to use the search function. I know approximately when the e-mail that I am searching for came in, but unfortunately I can't set the search to look only in a particular folder. The search function searches through ALL of my folders (about 26 different folders). I can't select before hand which folder to search. Searching through all of them takes longer. This sure makes me miss my old Eudora version 7. And usually when I am searching, I am really looking for an e-mail address to cut and paste. And when I do find the one that I am looking for I have to go through several extra steps to find it and then to cut and paste the e-mail address. What a pain....

Making attachments is a pain now too. I used to be able to find a file that I want to attach be browsing my files on my drive. I find the one that I am looking for by viewing it by "filmstrip" this lets me see a pic of the file or picture that I need. With my old version 7 Eudora I could then just copy it and paste it into the attachment line. With this new OSE version I have to start all over and browse for it again by name only. Then I click on it and hit "open". This takes much longer than the old copy and paste method.

Another real problem is printing from Eudora OSE. I may have a long e-mail that I need to print a segment of. With Eudora version 7 I could just highlight what I wanted and print "selected only". This OSE version does not allow me to print "selected only". So I now have to copy the highlighted segment. Then paste it into a new window. Then print it. Another real pain!

Then my biggest pet peeve with the new OSE version is when I respond to an e-mail, it doesn't always mark it as "replied" to. Sometimes it does, but most of the time it does not. So later on, I don't know if I replied to it or not. I then find myself having to manually go in an mark messages as replied.

Also, any message that I have not marked as replied to, it thinks that I have not viewed them. So I periodically get an incoming message notification and it shows to me a little pop up window with some messages that I have already received and looked at.

When I am responding to a message and typing in a reply into the body of something someone has written me, I often use the arrow up and down keys to move my courser from line to line. But when I move it down to the text someone has written me, instead of it just moving down to the first letter at the front of that paragraph, it kicks the courser over into the middle of the paragraph. And there is no way of moving it to the first of the paragraph without getting the mouse and moving it that way. This is annoying and wastes time.

I also still can't figure out  the deal with incoming attachments. If I look for them, I can't find them. Then if I go back to the incoming message, I see it there, but can't view it. Then if I click it, it does not open it, but downloads it. So I have to click it again to finally get it to open.

BTW, I am running Windows XP. 

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All in details above. 

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See above. 

See above.
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