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Add new sections to Firefox Privacy Policy (usage statistics, legal process)


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Please add the following text in the Interactive Product Features section of the Firefox privacy policy ( and, between the "Report Web Forgery Feature" and "Feedback Button and Test Pilot for Beta Users" sections:
Usage Statistics

Beginning with version 7, Firefox includes functionality that is turned off
by default to send to Mozilla non-personal usage, performance, and
responsiveness statistics about user interface features, memory, and
hardware configuration. The only Potentially Personal Information sent to
Mozilla when this functionality has been enabled is IP addresses. Usage
statistics are transmitted using SSL (a method of protecting data in transit) and help us improve future versions of Firefox. Once sent to Mozilla, usage statistics are stored in an aggregate form and made available to a broad range of developers, including both Mozilla employees and public contributors. Once this functionality is enabled, users can disable it in Firefox's Options/Preferences. Simply deselect the "Submit performance data" item. 

Please replace the current "Government and Court Demands for Information" and "Other Disclosures" sections with the following text:

Consistent with our privacy commitments, we will scrutinize third party requests for information about you for compliance with the law, including those coming from governmental agencies or civil litigants.  We may access, use, preserve or disclose information about you only when we have a good faith belief that it is reasonably necessary to do so to satisfy the applicable law, regulation, legal process or lawful governmental request of any country, or to protect the rights, property or safety of Mozilla, its users or the public.  We may provide notice of legal process or governmental requests unless prohibited to do so by law or the circumstances warrant otherwise.
Let us know when the updated privacy policy is on staging so we can review it before it goes live. 

The current version of the privacy policy should be stored and a link added at the bottom of the new version under Prior Policies.
One other related change: please retain the last sentence from the "Other Disclosures" section ("Additionally, Mozilla may need to transfer Personal Information to an affiliate or successor in the event of a change of our corporate structure or status, such as in the event of a restructuring, sale, or bankruptcy.") and move it to the "What and When We Share with Third Parties" section as the 3rd paragraph.
OS: Windows 7 → All
Hardware: x86 → All
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Ping, can we get some progress on this. This is a high priority item for the platform team.
I've just learned of a 3rd requested change to the Firefox privacy policy.

Under Interactive Product Features, in the Add-ons section, please replace both occurrences (last sentence of "Get Add-ons Page" and last sentence of "Add-on Information and Searches") of "opting out of Automatic Updates from the Add-ons Manager" with "following <a href="">these instructions</a>". This change was requested in bug 641537.
Assignee: nobody → jlong
Hey James - can you help liz out with this?  It's important to platform because its blocking landing of telemetry which needs a bit of testing before the aurora migration.
One more small change to make to the privacy policy: Please remove "(not applicable to Firefox for mobile)" after the Personas Feature sub-heading. It isn't true any more.

If there's a better format in which to provide the changes, please let me know.
James/Anthony - needs to be pushed even out of cycle if possible.  --> blocker
Severity: normal → blocker
I'm on this (in trunk). Will still need a push.
Done in trunk in r91209. Merged to stage in r91211.

Needs QA and a merge to production.
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Assignee: jlong → steven
Thanks Steven.
Shouldn't we archive the old version and change the date also?
Thanks for doing this so quickly. We've received some unexpected feedback on one of these new sections, so I may have a wording change later today. Please don't push this live quite yet. I'll add any needed changes here before eod.
pushed to production r91219
(In reply to comment #11)
> Shouldn't we archive the old version and change the date also?

We should change the date and add a link to the old version on bottom, yes.
Okay so... looks like:
1. liz needs to give us changes in the next 3 hours
2. someone - steven or anthony - needs to update the date and copy the old revision to an other file and link to it on the bottom
3. we need to push the updated & revised version
Resolution: FIXED → ---
reverted on production r91221
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Thanks Morgamic for the summary of to dos. Here are the changes needed:

1) Please replace "may" with "will" in the following sentence, which is the last sentence in the new Legal Process section: "We may provide notice of legal process or governmental requests unless prohibited to do so by law or the circumstances warrant otherwise." (Should now read "We will provide...)

2) It doesn't look like the change added in comment 5 has been made. Please remove "(not applicable to Firefox for mobile)" after the subtitle "Personas Feature."

3) The changes in Comment 3 also don't seem to have been made. Please make those changes as well.

Resolution: FIXED → ---
In addition to the changes in comment 18, I think the change in Comment 1 wasn't made the first time around. Please make that change too. If it would be helpful for me to provide a redline showing all the changes, I'm happy to do that.
I should be all caught up with the change in trunk in r91230, including creating a dated copy of the version before these changes.

Please review:

Also, I've made the corresponding changes to the plain text version (, but it appears to have drifted out of sync with the HTML version. Do we still need both? If so, we should file a new bug to make sure the plain text version gets synced with the HTML version, and if not, we should remove the TXT version
Thanks so much, this looks great. Just two things I noticed:

1. The Legal Disclosures heading doesn't need to be all caps, it should match the other headings.

2. The prior privacy policy labelled June 2011 should be December 2010.

The plain text version can be removed. Is that something you can do or should I file a separate bug for that.

Also, as noted in the original request, the mobile friendly version of the Firefox Privacy policy at needs the same updates.
Updated with r91241 for comment 21.

I've removed the .txt version.

Liz: Can you review

FYI, the mobile version use the same file as the desktop version so it's automatically updated.
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Looks good!
Pushed to stage/production with r91307.
Blocks: 667482
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