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Run AddressSanitizer on Firefox


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AddressSanitizer was recently released by Google,

It's a memory error detector. Sort of like valgrind, but can detect slightly different stuff, and faster/with less memory. Google have found bugs in Chromium with it.

The procedure is apparently to build with LLVM, then AddressSanitizer rewrites the LLVM code. You then run that normally (not inside a special environment like valgrind).

This bug is to track investigation of the tool, and seeing if we can use it in Firefox.
cc'ing some people I hope will be interested.
Whiteboard: [sg:want]
I've been working on this as a hobby(!), so I might just make it official.
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I've been trying to build Firefox just as Ehsan described in comment 3 because I think it would be very valuable for us to run fuzzers in Firefox with address sanitizer. Unfortunately I did not succeed but I remember that this worked before. It would be good if someone else could try to reproduce the build like Ehsan did it and let me know if it works. If not, then we should quickly work on getting this up and running.
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We've been running Firefox with ASAN for a year or so.
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