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Ever since we put a "tree" filter in the top-left, the "branch" filter (in the orange filter box) has had ambiguous meaning.  "branch", if provided, will trump "tree"; however, "branch" is only sent to the JSON APIs if it or any other orange-box filter is selected.  So you get very funny results if you, say, set the build type to "opt".  Now the calls to /bybug will have "branch=All", so the results will include all branches, regardless of the "tree" setting in the top left!  This results in *more* test runs being displayed in the filtered data than in the overall data, which is totally confusing.

Easy fix though: we'll completely remove the "branch" filter.  The selected branch will always be the top-left tree filter, both in overall and in filtered results.
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This is an easy fix on the server side.
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Much better.
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Remove branch filter

Client side.  Also simple.  I also increased the width of the QuickSearch and by ID filter text-entry boxes because it is now more noticeable that they are strangely short, compared to the width of the whole filter div.  They look okay here now; lemme know if it looks okay for you (it *shouldn't* wrap to a separate line from the filter-type dropdown).
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Remove branch filter

Looks good, and the new filter field widths look good also.
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