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Provide nsConnectionEntry* nsHttpConnectionInfo::Entry() method


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I can see on several places in the http core the following code:

    nsHttpConnectionInfo *ci;
    nsCStringKey key(ci->HashKey());
    nsConnectionEntry *ent = static_cast<nsConnectionEntry *>(mCT.Get(&key));
    if (ent)
        do something with ent;

We should have a method of connection info that provides the entry in a simple way that would make the code much cleaner.  

We may just copy this code into the new method or verify that the entry lives longer then the info and have a hard non-addref'ing member pointer or cached member on it.  The letter proposal could also speed the code a bit up.

We cannot do this earlier then after the major parts of short-planned changes to the http code happen, i.e. at least not sooner the pipelining patches are in.
Whiteboard: [necko-would-take][good first bug]
Hello, I would be interested in being assigned to this bug.
Hi aciwha - you don't really need to have the bug assigned to you, just upload a patch or a question as the next step..

I see that now all the entries are get by using something like:

nsConnectionEntry *ent = mCT.Get(ci->HashKey());

which is already much cleaner. Also, it seems that the class nsHttpConnectionInfo doesn't have access to mCT. So I am not sure if this bug still makes sense.
ni? Honza on comment 3.
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