Open Bug 666754 Opened 10 years ago

Improve stretching in the presence of large operators


(Core :: MathML, defect)

Not set




(Reporter: karlt, Unassigned)


Copied from Bug 584332:

There are two issues in attachment 469331 [details]:

1. The parentheses are not as large as the integral.
   Not sure that they would look better if they were, but stretching
   rules seem to say that they should be. (Bug 584332 comment 2)

2. The stretchy="true" largeop is using a transformation to achieve the
   largeop look, instead of using the large glyph as used for the
   stretchy="false" largeop.

If issue 1 is fixed by say doing an initial stretch with largeoponly, then issue 2 will resolve itself because the target size for the largeop/stretchy stretch will be at least the largeoponly size.
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