Microscopically speed up processbuild.pl by dropping some '90s output formats



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Dump 'em

Sadly, this is outside the part where we lock the maildir, so it probably won't actually materially affect our problems with queuing up thousands of emails, but it also won't hurt.

Every time we process mail, we then tb_build_static, and in do_static, we build nine pages, including flash.rdf, which was for an early incarnation of the Mozilla Application Suite sidebar, which near as I can tell existed for around 9 months ending in September 1999, and stats.hdml, which was apparently a precursor to WML which ran on Sprint phones in the '90s, and status.vxml, which if you had something which consumed VXML 1.0 (VXML seems to have wound up being more of a server-side language for creating phone menus and autodialers), would try to play audio files which do not exist, from the website of an interior decorator in Boulder Colorado. I presume it's not a coincidence that she shares a surname with someone who was involved with Mozilla a dozen years ago, but still, that's bad even by our standards.

While I was in the neighborhood, I also killed the dynamic-only &wml=1, because despite the Open Mobile Alliance's brave claims in 2002 that they would still be relevant in a 3G world, they weren't.
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Checking in webtools/tinderbox/showbuilds.pl; new revision: 1.48; previous revision: 1.47
Checking in webtools/tinderbox/showbuilds.cgi; new revision: 1.202; previous revision: 1.201
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