[l10n] don't use uppercase for Greek in mozilla.com template



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Uppercasing strings creates grammar difficulties for our Greek localizer since most of the font don't uppercase correctly Greek, I am going to add specific css rules cancelling uppercasing for Greek only.
Added a corrective css in r91530

George, is the site looking good for you now?
Thanks Pascal, the site does not look good right now, but in the long run I think it's better to disable uppercasing all in all for Greek.
I'll try to fix every affected string tonight and post here the revision numbers to push them on production.

FYI, it's not a font issue, it's a css implementation issue. As far as I know, no browser can uppercase properly Greek text for the time being and unfortunately the only reference I can find about it right now is at: http://www.w3.org/TR/2011/WD-css3-text-20110215/#text-transform0
George, that's what I did, I disabled all css uppercasing for Greek on the site
(In reply to comment #3)
> George, that's what I did, I disabled all css uppercasing for Greek on the
> site

And that's why I thanked you, maintaining the translated text will be much easier from now on :)
I fixed all affected strings in revision 91614 (please push along with revision 91530). 

Just for the record, since according to the Greek grammar rules, the Greek characters "έ,ύ,ί,ό,ά,ή,ώ" should be uppercased to their corresponding case map only if there is an empty space before them, but in every other case they should be uppercased to the corresponding case maps of "ε,υ,ι,ο,α,η,ω", I used to replace them with  "ε,υ,ι,ο,α,η,ω" as a work-around to make text-transform:uppercase work right.
Now that the rule is text-transform:none, I replaced them back to normal to fit Greek grammar rules again.
That's just pushed to production in r91643 (your text updates and the css fixes to the template). I am going to keep this bug open until I have checked if per page css files don't add more uppercasing
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Closing as per comment 3.
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