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window.ondevicemotion and window.ondeviceorientation


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webkit is supporting ondevicemotion and ondeviceorientation on the window object.  we should do similar for compatibility.
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r=me if you add tests for this new feature.
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Discussed in triage today - we didn't have dougt around so it might need a re-nom if we got it wrong, but it felt like straight-additive change which isn't what Aurora is for, and we didn't see a strong reason to rush this, given that it will hit aurora in next week's migration anyhow. Re-nom if needed.
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patch v.1

Sorry -- I didn't include a reason or risk assestment:

basically this change is a alias from window.ondevicemotion --> addEventListener("devicemotion", ...

This is a simple patch which gets us access to more sites that support device motion and orientation.  The iphone (and other webkits) use this style: window.onevent.  We didn't implement it as it wasn't outlined in the spec, but, given website compat, we feel that it is important to us.

So, if we take this small change, we get device motion functionality on sites that work on the iphone.  If we don't, it will appear broken for a few more weeks.

Ideally, this device motion (which has landed for ff6) could be a high level feature -- we are now supporting the new w3c spec.  However, without this aliasing that I mentioned, it might appear broken to many users.

The risk is low.  There are tests to ensure that the events fire.  The patch is modeled after a similar alias we did for onhashchange.
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patch v.1

From the jaws of defeat!! Thanks for the more detailed information Doug. We have reversed ourselves.
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merge failed.  backing out, will reland tonight.
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Depends on: 615597
This is landed into Firefox 6, so target is mozilla6.
Target Milestone: mozilla7 → mozilla6
Documentation added:

And mentioned on Firefox 7 for developers.

Still a work in progress in that I need to add examples, which are coming. I'm working on the event docs, which will cover examples. That's being tracked by the doc needed for bug 615597, so I'm marking this one as done.
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