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7 years ago
Just like:

We need a channel page for Thunderbird so that we can better promote our channels where we need testers.

We can probably re-use most of that page with some tweaks to the text and logos.

I'd like to have this in place by next week.

Sancus, could you take this on? I suspect the extra download boxes will need some tweaks for Thunderbird.

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7 years ago
Committed revs r92074, r92075, r92076 which add an all-beta.html page and fixes the links for beta on the channels page.

We now also have:

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7 years ago
btw, I moved the page to:

so that we've got the same url ending as Firefox.

Things to do:

- sancus needs to make it so that when I visit with an en-GB browser I get offered en-GB rather than en-US from the download buttons
- rebron needs to come up with some words for the page, and the logo for the Earlybird builds

I'd really like to get this page out this week, as it is a big link in our rapid release process.
Priority: -- → P2

This is the new channels page for Firefox.  We should drop the final release downloads too and just have Beta and Earlybird. 

- buttons should all be green

Andreas, can you attach the earlybird logo?  Should we done one of these as well?
Created attachment 550682 [details]
daily download icon
Created attachment 550683 [details]
earlybird download icon
Created attachment 551155 [details] [diff] [review]
Copy for Channels page

Updated the copy, also removed Thunderbird Final as a section.  I think we should only offer Thunderbird Beta and Earlybird from this page.

Still need the following:
* Use Earlybird logo (which andreasn attached) instead of Thunderbird logo near the wordmark
* Download buttons need to all be green

Should be good to go after that.
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7 years ago
here is the en-US page:

l10n page will be up shortly, but it's pretty much the same thing just supporting the whacky l10n nightly dirs. Note that while two icons were posted here, AFAIK there's no need for a nightly icon on the site.
Can you make the download buttons smaller and moved closer to the bullets?  The buttons are all the way across the column.

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7 years ago
Mass-moving Thunderbird-specific bugs to the new component.

If you believe that this particular bug was moved in error, feel free to move it back to the component.

Filter bugmail on 'sancyouverymuch'.
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Ugh, forgot to reset the QA contact.

Still filter bugmail with 'sancyouverymuch'.
QA Contact: www-mozilla-org → www-mozillamessaging-com

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7 years ago
Comment on attachment 551155 [details] [diff] [review]
Copy for Channels page

This is now all live, cleaning up reviews.
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