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Update SeaMonkey website for 2.2 final release


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For making SeaMonkey 2.2 [final] public, we'll need to update the website.

This can happen once mirror saturation is good enough, though it's usually a good idea to also have final_verification run and OK before going public on the website.

Planned release is for late monday night.
Now this was confusing... Adapting summary. ;-)
Summary: Update SeaMonkey website for 2.2 Beta 3 release → Update SeaMonkey website for 2.2 final release
I won't be available for this, so here's a quick summary what needs to be done:

1. Replace the src/releases/2.2.en.html page by copying 2.2b3.en.html, comparing with 2.1.en.html and making the necessary changes (like adjusting the header variables, correcting the release date and removing the beta warning), then cvs diff and double-check, then cvs commit it.

2. Move the src/releases/index.en.html page aside (e.g. oldindex.en.html), copy the 2.2.en.html page to index.html. Then compare *index.html and make the necessary changes.

3. Set the releaseversion variable in lib/config.tmpl to "2.2" and verify the sizes of the en-US default download pages (download_*_mb variable values).

4. Adjust lib/sitemap.xml in such a way that 2.2b3 gets its own one-liner (with hide="true") like 2.2b1 and 2.2b2, then change the old 2.2b3 line to 2.2 (three times on the line) and leave the rest as-is (reason: the relnotes must only be listed once because IDs must be unique).

5. Adjust src/download.jst by setting the version field to "[% releaseversion %]" for all locales where betaversion is "[% betaversion %]" (including "hu", where version is currently null) and setting the version field to null for all where betaversion is null or "[% releaseversion %]".

6. Adjust src/news.en.xml by adding a new entry (with showfront="true" and the link pointing to releases/) and changing the 2.2b3 entry to showfront="false".

7. Double-check [1] and cvs commit all the rest.

8. Check the result once it's been rolled out, including front page (download links, news entry), releases/, seamonkey2.2/ and releases/2.2.

[1] This is where a (local) web server that displays the result of the dist/ directory comes in handy. I could provide a Apache vhosts file for XAMPP (Windows) if that helps (and you're quick!), but unfortunately I cannot give write access to anyone for the staging site since its files are hosted under my personal account.
Should be done.
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