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Compatibility scanning for standalone validator


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We need a way for non-hosted add-ons to scan for compatibility issues just like hosted add-ons can. This can either be part of the existing standalone validator or a new tool... it'd probably be best as an option in the existing validator.

The user should be able to choose the version of Firefox they want to check compatibility with, and then the validator will read the current maxVersion from install.rdf, run the tests, and show the output page.

The file should be deleted afterwards.
This is right up kumar's alley!
Assignee: nobody → kumar.mcmillan
Target Milestone: Q3 2011 → 6.1.5
Target Milestone: 6.1.5 → 6.1.6
It is implemented here as a new page (but it shares all the same code and templates):

It's pretty straight forward except for right now you can select any application and any version.  If no compatibility tests exist for what you select then you'll see a misleading message like "all tests pass".  I made bug 671587 for that.

Also, this is working in a bare bones way.  I have not attempted to upload all the many types of addons for each type of compatibility failure.  I'm hoping QA can help with that.
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Depends on: 671937
Depends on: 672000
Depends on: 672855
Depends on: 672864
Depends on: 672872
Depends on: 673172
Depends on: 673229
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