Add a "Date of crash" column to about:crashes, and make the columns sortable




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It's quite common when I crash for the dump not to be submitted to Socorro. I've noticed that when I click on the ID of such a crash in about:crashes to force it to be submitted, it then gets a new ID and gets moved to the top of the "Date submitted" column. This is a pain because notes I took on the crash at the time it occurred then can't be correlate with the Socorro report. It would be very helpful if there was a separate column in about:crashes giving the date that the crash occurred, and if both the "Date of crash" and "Date submitted" column headers were clickable to sort the crashes by that column. (It would also be nice if the "Date reported" column didn't actually list a bogus date when the dump actually hasn't really been sent in yet.)
Seems like in we should be able to use the "created" and "last modified" fields on the .txt and .dump files as a place to store the "date of crash" and "date submitted" timestamps, respectively...or we would if there was a way to get/set the "created" timestamp via XPCOM.

I guess the alternative is to store the dates in the .txt file itself. Perhaps change the format to:

ID: ...
Occurred: ...
Submitted: ...

Duplicate of this bug: 720369
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