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Firefox has display problems on multi user Windows XP system for non admin users on that system.


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Build ID: 20110615151330

Steps to reproduce:

Install latest Firefox

Actual results:

For some time now with Firefox 4.1 my wife's user (i.e. not admin user) has been having problems with the system display being reset to 4 bit colours and 640 * 480 resolution. Just installed Firefox 5 and the problem has altered in that now the display flicks to 4bit & 640 * 480 then comes back to the correct settings. Given I have no problems in my user (which is admin) I had a play and think the problem is related to firefox trying to do something with the display setting but failing when the user doesn't have admin permissions. As I have several users on my PC I established that one of the users (non admin) experienced the display issues described above, I then changed that user to be of admin type and the display problem went away.

Expected results:

Display settings should not be changed by firefox.
Have you updated your drivers? please copy and paste the information from about:support into the bug report
Severity: normal → S3
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