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similar to bug 669874, we want to run mochitests on android devices from the objdir.  

this is what we want to see happen:
export MOZ_HOST_BIN=~/mozilla/desktop/objdir/dist/bin
cd ~/mozilla/android/objdir
TEST_PATH=make reftest-remote

one problem we need to resolve is that the remote reftests setup a webserver at the root of the reftests directory.  We need to add a symlink or figure out a way to get httpd.js to reference a new starting point.

Also we cannot run on most mobile devices due to the screen resolution as outlined in bug 648104
similar to the mochitest one, but this is for reftest.  This  assumes you have the proper resolution on your device and it will only work for reftest.  We can add a crashtest target in later, and jsreftest will require more than a Makefile change, but not much more.
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updated patch to create a symlink with a relative dir or an absolute dir for $(topsrcdir).  In addition, this will default to DM_TRANS=adb, but you can change that by setting the env variable to DM_TRANS=sut.

tested on linux in a variety of objdir configurations.
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Attachment #544489 - Flags: review?(blassey.bugs)
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make reftest-remote from objdir (2.0)

Review of attachment 546162 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: testing/
@@ +147,5 @@
> +reftest-remote: TEST_PATH?=layout/reftests/reftest.list
> +reftest-remote: DM_TRANS?=adb
> +reftest-remote:
> +	@if test -f ${MOZ_HOST_BIN}/xpcshell && [ "${TEST_DEVICE}" != "" ]; \

use -a instead of && as the and operator for test. Also, what are the square brackets for?

Also, if DM_TRANS is adb, we don't need TEST_DEVICE defined, so perhaps this should be:
> @if test -f ${MOZ_HOST_BIN}/xpcshell -a ("${TEST_DEVICE}" != "" -o "$DM_TRANS" = "adb") ; \
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I am unable to get this to work inside of a makefile target.  I will look at this when I have a few more hours to fiddle.
Joel, here's a patch to not requite TEST_DEVICE be passed in if we're using adb dm. This also does the same for mochitests.
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This (along with most things committed on Friday afternoon) was backed out of mozilla-inbound in order to clear up orange.
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patch to not requre device ip

Review of attachment 546270 [details] [diff] [review]:

cool, thanks for piecing together this crazy makefile syntax.  Currently the remote*.py scripts require a device IP, so those will have to be updated.  We can just give a bogus TEST_DEVICE= and the adb stuff will work just fine.
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hmm, this has been checked in for a while.
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