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Triggering maemo-gtk and maeomo-qt builds via trychooser is challenging


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(Reporter: jdm, Assigned: lsblakk)


Example push:

try: -b o -p linux,maemo5-gtk,maemo5-qt -u none -t none

I would expect this to show me B, Bm, and Bq. All I see is B.
I'd agree with both your summary and with comment 0, but they are two different things.

Looking at recent pushes, people who asked for a -p including maemo5-gtk did not get what they should have, a separate row for "Maemo 5 opt", only people who either asked for -p all or used something broken like -a and got the default set got the Maemo 5 opt row.

What you apparently wanted, or expected, Linux opt, Linux Mobile Desktop, and Linux Qt, would be another, different, thing you can't ask for, you can only get as the result of winding up with the default set (-p linux,linuxqt would get you two of them, but you can't ask for Mobile Desktop, it just happens to you).

So whether you really wanted Maemo, as in two rows, Linux B/Maemo 5 opt B Bq, or you really wanted Linux B Bm Bq, it appears the only way to get either one is to use busted syntax, either "try: goats" or "try: -a", and then cancel the ones you don't want.
Philor is correct that I was conflating linuxqt and the maemo builds in my original comment. That doesn't make this bug any less valid, as he also points out.
You should be able to request the mobile builds using the following platform names:



linux-mobile, win32-mobile, macosx-mobile

for the desktop mobile versions.  If someone would like to push actual try patches using those platform names and reporting back that will help with knowing if this is a bug in the code or just in the documentation of what platforms you can choose.
Assignee: nobody → lsblakk
also - if these platform names do give the correct builds when requested I'm happy to create some shorter aliases for trychooser use
I'm closing this as wfm (with the use of the platform names I outlined in comment 3).  If someone uses those platform names explicitly and doesn't get what they expected please feel free to reopen for further investigation.
Closed: 9 years ago
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