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Text block becomes invisible if font is "Courier" and transform:rotate used


(Firefox :: General, defect)

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(Reporter: philip.tellis, Unassigned)


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Steps to reproduce:

Visit this URL: using Firefox 4 on Windows.

It contains some text in a UL, with a transform:rotate() applied to each LI element.  Each LI also has a bottom border. The container's font is set to "Courier".

The problem goes away if I use a different font, like "Courier New".

Actual results:

Apart from the bottom border of the first element, no other part of the UL is visible.  Note that I only have second hand reports of this, and a screenshot from since I do not have access to windows myself.  I have also received some reports stating that the entire page went blank.  The following reports came from my twitter followers:

@bluesmoon all good on ff 5/win
@bluesmoon I am not seeing even the straight (horizontal) links in FF5
@bluesmoon windows 7, ff5. I am seeing a tilted line, nothing else, not even the message at the bottom.
@bluesmoon when I reopened tab (C+S+T) I saw the straight links and the message below it. But not the tilted ones. Gone again on refresh.
@bluesmoon WinXP / Fx 4.0.1
@bluesmoon hmm… remove "courier" from the font-family declaration and it renders.

My own tests with show that it breaks on Firefox 4 on windows, but works on Firefox 5 on windows.

Expected results:

The rotated text and the rest of the element should have been visible.
In my tests the text disappears with or without transform applied and seems to only be impacted by font-family -- remove or change "courier" and it renders. Note, seeing it in both Fx 4.0.1 and Fx 5.0 on Windows XP (via VirtualBox).

Courier does not appear to ship with stock Windows XP (replaced by "Courier New") so the bug seems to stem from Courier being reported as available, when it's not, and used instead of falling back to another specified or default typeface.
Severity: normal → S3
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