Please re-enable SSID broadcasts for Mozilla-A



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7 years ago
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7 years ago
Mozilla-A and Mozilla-G didn't used to be hidden, but apparently they were intended to be. 

It's much more difficult to reconnect quickly to a hidden network (at least on a Mac), and this is annoying given the frequent drops we're experiencing.

Please enable broadcasts for these SSIDs.

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7 years ago
If you are frequently dropping on A why would you want to continue to use it?

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7 years ago
Historically, using Mozilla (no -A) will assign you to 2.4GHz which then sucks. Mozilla-A *was* an effective workaround.

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7 years ago
I want -A for desktop support reasons - it's the only way to make sure you're on A and not on some other frequency.  Helps debugging when you can be 100% certain your client is on the frequency you want it to be on.
We've been discussing this, and I think the plan of attack is to move "Mozilla" to A-only, and retain "Mozilla-G" explicitly for clients lacking an A radio.

"Mozilla-A" would be deprecated, at this point.

The Aruba controller can help us track down clients which need to be moved to Mozilla-G in advance.

More to come as we flesh out the idea.

Comment 5

7 years ago
Derek re-enabled Mozilla-A this morning to help with troubleshooting until we nail down the long term plan.  We can close this bug and open a separate tracking bug for that work.
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7 years ago
Created Bug 672345 for the long term solution.
Product: → Infrastructure & Operations
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