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Blocks: 659061
not sure where you're gathering these, but I have a few to add to that list:

highlight "querySelector"

for selected nodes (not sure what the syntax is for a "subject verb" type of command)

with a selected node in the highlighter:

addStyle "style attribute contents" // camelCase? add-style?

add/remove attribute "value"

add/remove class "name"

inspect node // open object inspector on highlit node, maybe command should be "introspect"?

many others!
I guess that's a bit early for that, but I'd love:

breakpoint universe.js:42

and the likes. Oh the beauty.
Blocks: 675923
No longer blocks: 659061
When creating this list we must ensure that all of the jstermhelpers are included:

$ = getElementById(...)     // ID
$$ = querySelectorAll(...)  // CSS Selector
$x = document.evaluate(...) // XPath
clear = console.clear
keys = Object.keys(...)
values = 
help ='')
$0 = Inspected Object
inspect = open object inspector
pprint = console.log++ ?
print = console.log ?
Depends on: 683499
Depends on: 683502
Depends on: 683503
Depends on: 683505
Depends on: 683506
Depends on: 683508
Depends on: 683509
Depends on: 683510
Depends on: 683511
Depends on: 683513
No longer depends on: 683511
Blocks: 689605
No longer blocks: 675923
Depends on: 693259
No longer depends on: 683513
No longer depends on: 683510
No longer depends on: 683509
No longer depends on: 683508
No longer depends on: 683506
No longer depends on: 683505
No longer depends on: 683503
No longer depends on: 683502
No longer depends on: 683499
No longer depends on: 693259
The initial list of commands is those that depend on bug 689605. (See also bug 693269)
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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