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Subsequent 'new window' requests spawn irregularly shaped windows.


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Build ID: 20110707182747

Steps to reproduce:

Tried to trigger a new window (either by menu 'File' > 'New Window', or CMD-N).

Actual results:

The initial window on startup fills correctly, remembering its boundaries. Subsequent windows appear truncated (only top left 40 px or so appear, or left edge (vertically full, but only 40 px wide), or do not appear at all.

On occasions where no windows appeared at all, a Quit and Relaunch of Firefox often (always?) resulted in these ghost windows respawning.

A related side effect may also be that the Download window no longer appears (either upon Download initiation, or by calling it up by menu or keystroke).

Expected results:

I'd have expected the new windows to draw as previously, with a size similar to the previous active window, slightly to the right and down from it's sibling.
Some further points: This behaviour stops when I moved from a dual screen to a single screen environment. If I spawn a single window on the primary monitor (the one with the menu bar), all behaviours remain normal, but if I move a window to the secondary screen and CMD-N, it fails again.
Severity: normal → S3
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