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Steps to reproduce:

on my imac, i have a monitor connected using apples adapter which sits physically to the left of my machine. For my job, i use a program called Footprints to log the calls i take. 

Actual results:

Within the footprints program while using Camino 2.0.7 or even firefox 5, when i click Create Issue, the footprints program is designed to open the new issue in a new window for me to fill out details of the call. I run camino primarily in my secondary monitor. However, this newly launched window always loads on my primary display (the imac itself).

Expected results:

I would like the new window to launch in the monitor in which camino is in. When i use Safari, the new window launches in the correct/desired monitor.

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7 years ago
I was told to submit a bug from your forum..

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7 years ago
Can you provide a reduced testcase that demonstrates this bug (or, barring that, access to a URL that demonstrates the problem)?


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7 years ago
Oh, and I'm assuming from comment 0 that the problem also occurs in Firefox 5? Is that the case?


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7 years ago
i cant grant you access to the system, but i could record my screens while i do it if that helps you? I am contacting the vendor of the product to see if they can provide some sample code as to how the window launches and will report back once they give that to me.

i did try creating an html file (see sample code below) with the following and it launched a new tab (when set for it) and new window right on top, so i doubt its HTML.

 <a href="" target="_blank">asadfasf</a>

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7 years ago
My guess would be that they're using JS to position the window, and that JS may not play nice with multiple monitors. That's *probably* a bug in their JS code, but we'd need to see it to be certain.


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7 years ago
Can you get the 'generated source' bookmarklet from:
(drag it to your bookmarkbar)

Then use it on the page with the originating link in your web app - save the resulting file locally. If there is any private info on that page, please edit - using a *plain text* editor. Then attach it to this bug using the 'Add an attachment' link above.

(and mention which link is the one that creates the new window :-))

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7 years ago
Created attachment 546150 [details]
create Issue output

I don't know if i did this right, but this is the output that i think your asking for....

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7 years ago
Created attachment 546235 [details]

Here's a simplified testcase.


1) Have your main Camino window on a monitor OTHER than the one where your menu bar lives.
2) Open the testcase.
3) Click the link to pop open a window via JS. The coordinates given are relative to the system's (0,0) position, which IIRC is the top-left corner of the main screen (not including the space occupied by the Mac OS X menu bar).

This is completely expected behaviour for the code, but I agree that the experience isn't great. I'm sure there's a way for a script to determine its parent window isn't on the main screen, and that's probably what they ought to be doing, but what they're doing now is unquestionably much simpler :-p

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7 years ago
Yeah, given the code, I /think/ that is the correct behaviour. The coordinate system assumes the main screen, not the secondary screen only (if I understood correctly, Camino is open on the secondary screen).

The MDC document is a bit ambiguous in its description
'from the left side of the work area for applications of the user's operating system'

What does Safari do with that testcase ?

Comment 10

7 years ago
Safari 5.0.5 (6533.21.1) opens the window aligned with the far-right side of the same screen my Safari window is on (which happens to be my larger, secondary display at the moment). If I move my Safari window to the main screen, the window opens in the same place Camino opens it.

Comment 11

7 years ago
This is definitely something the site's script developers could at least *try* to tackle, but it's also definitely NOT anything we can fix in Camino or Gecko code, which makes this INVALID.

If you want to get the site's authors to fix this, please feel free to point them to this bug and if they're willing to work with us, we can kick this over to Tech Evangelism and take it from there. I agree that the current behavior is annoying and ought to change; it just isn't anything that we're able to fix on our end at all.
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