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Hi Matej,

Can we get 10 social media posts by Aug 3? Here's some general inspiration: 

-Help us make Firefox mobile even better. Get involved!
-Mobile add-ons: FireFound prevents identity theft if phone is stolen
-Poll: What's your dream feature for a mobile browser? 
-Add-ons: Personas 
-Want to get to know FB fans better. Poll: What phone do you use? 
-Need help with Firefox for Android? We're here to help!
-Type less and browse more with the Awesome Bar 
- - highlighting site menu options like save as pdf, and share page
-Start page that saves tabs from last time 
-privacy options like Do Not Track 
-reminder of supported Android devices 

Matej or Tara, let us know if 10 posts by August 3rd would be possible. Thanks!
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7 years ago
Hi there.  Matej is on PTO through end of next week.  He won't be able to get to these until last week of July, and there are surely other things on his plate.  So, while I think he can certainly whip these up quickly for an August 3rd delivery, I can't speak on his behalf right now.  We'll do our best.  But shouldn't be too much of a problem.  Worst case, we may need an extra day or something.  But, we should be good.

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7 years ago
Agreed. Unless something really pressing comes up, should be ok.


7 years ago
Depends on: 674125

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7 years ago

FireFound is no longer a recommended add-on, so we can scratch that one. 

Instead, for the mobile add-on post let's feature Phony (, which would especially be relevant for tablet users because they can choose to read desktop versions to maximize screen size 

Would really like to focus on the poll question ones - 1)What operating system do you use and 2)How techy are they (developer, casual user, etc)

Again, no rush but soon is nice

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7 years ago
Here you go. I did a couple extra just in case.

We want to get to know you a little better. Tell us your hopes, your dreams… and what mobile device (or devices) you use.

Hey, Firefox for mobile user, how would you describe yourself? Casual User? Hardcore techie? Web challenged? Let us know!

Forget everything you know. Now what’s the number 1 dream feature you’d like in a mobile browser?

Where do you normally keep your mobile? Pocket? Purse? Backpack? Right over… wait, I swear I just had it a minute ago?

How do you use Firefox for mobile most? Work? Play? Time travel? We want to know! (Especially if it’s the latter.)

Get Firefox on your mobile device. Then get involved and help us make it even better. [LINK]

Type less and find what you’re looking for fast. It’s not called the Awesome Screen for nothing. [LINK]

Know Your Browser: Share the page you’re on, save it as a PDF and more right from the site menu! [LINK]

Mobile sites not looking right on your tablet? Get the Phony add-on & choose which version you want to see, desktop or mobile. [LINK]

There are lots of ways to get help with Firefox for mobile if you need it. Start with our Support page. [LINK]

Not sure if Firefox for mobile works on your device? Check out our list of what’s supported. [LINK]

Use Personas to customize the look of your Firefox for mobile based on mood, style, time of day, favorite fish, whatever. [LINK]
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7 years ago
Thanks Matej! =)

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7 years ago
Hey guys, if this bug is done, please close.


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