Offer an API to download a package source as a ZIP file



7 years ago
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7 years ago
Regarding bug 671461 discussion, we would need one really simple API to start connecting Addon builder with Jetpack runner:
A public API that allow to download a package source files as a ZIP file.
So that I would be able to run it though Jetpack runner.

As soon as I can have access to such API, 
I can start running addons from Addon builder locally and see how fast it is performing.

Such zib file would contains:
 - package.json
 - libraries files
 - data files
 - tests files, if any

My plan would be to dynamically add a button in Builder interface that would download this package, build the related xpi, run it in current FF instance and display "something" about the result of this run.
This can be done very quickly, but again we still have to figure out how we would maintain this code.

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7 years ago
I see it as a zip of packages directory without sdk packages.

  |- lib
  |  `- main.js
  `- data 

Assignee: nobody → zaloon

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7 years ago
Oh yes, it can be even more simplier to have all dependencies fetched at the same time! It is obviously not what we want if we want to go fully offline, but in case of my very first experiment, it can be handy.
I will let your team choose all these kind of options afterward.
I do want to provide this, it is something we all discussed originally. I feel like sometime post 1.0 in Q1 or Q2 2012 is likely the correct time for moving on this.
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: --- → Future

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6 years ago
do we still want to do it?

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6 years ago
Definitely. This is the missing piece in order to be able to build addons on client side. cfx-js is close to be able to do that. So that we will be able to ship cfx-js in Addon builder helper and build addons on client side!
Hi Piotr, 

I've raised the priority of this bug to P1, to reflect the level of importance the SDK team puts on this feature. Regardless of what happens in the future, the Builder application needs to have a mechanism whereby users can download the unpackaged source of their projects.

When you get some time, can you please follow up with an estimate of what would be entailed.
Priority: P2 → P1

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