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Don't focus fields and activate keyboard for username/password prompt that's already filled in


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Firefox 8


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Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Fennec on a device with an on-screen keyboard.
2. Open a web page that requires HTTP authentication, like
3. If you don't have a login already saved for the page, enter your login information and ask the browser to save it, then exit the browser and repeat steps 1 and 2.

Actual results: The HTTP auth prompt appears with the username and password already filled in. Then the on-screen keyboard appears, and the prompt moves suddenly as the window resizes.

Expected results: The HTTP auth prompt appears with the username and password already filled in, but the on-screen keyboard does not appear and the prompt remains in one place.

This is just a simple polish issue, but it became a pet peeve when I spent a lot of time recently accessing HTTP auth sites in Fennec.  The prompt often moves right as I am trying to press a button, and I end up tapping in the wrong place.  It also looks jerky and bad.  This patch just prevents us from focusing the username field if it is already pre-filled.
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It might make more sense to not ever "focus" dialogs with a VKB. This is a good start.

I wonder  how hard it would be to determine the hard keyboard vs VKB
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Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 8
It works fine with the steps from comment #0 on the latest Aurora build.

Verified fixed on:
Mozilla/5.0 (Android;Linux armv7l;rv:8.0a1)Gecko/20110901
Firefox/8.0a1 Fennec/8.0a1
Device: Samsung Galaxy S
OS: Android 2.2
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