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Clash between Ctrl-a to "highlight all matches" in find-in-page and OSX's move cursor to start of line


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On OSX, all textarea's and input elements have unix-/emacs-style keybindings, eg Ctrl-e moves the cursor to the end of the line, Ctrl-delete removes the previous word of input, and Ctrl-a moves the cursor to the start of the line.

However, if the find-in-page bar is open, Ctrl-a toggles the "highlight all matches" option. This is fine, but when the find-in-page bar has been open for ten minutes since you last searched for something (because it doesn't automatically close) it can be *very* annoying to press Ctrl-a and not have the cursor move to the beginning of the line.

How can we consolidate the "highlight all" behavior with the move to start of line behavior? I suggest that Ctrl-a should only "highlight all" if the find-in-page bar has focus, and otherwise should let OSX do its normal start of line thing.
I don't know how I just started noticing this, but it's bugging the crap out of me!
This issue is annoying. I wish there were an about:config way for disabling this shortcut. But I have found a workaround with one caveat:

When the *Highlight All* button is not displayed, Ctrl-a works as expected. However: This means you can no longer use the button! I do not need it because I am using the FindBar-Tweak extension for that (I have set it to always display all matches when the Findbar is opened, so I am basically toggling the *Highlight All* status by opening/closing the Findbar).

Here is how you can hide the *Highlight All* button:

1. Go to your profile folder.
2. In the chrome/ subfolder, create a file with the following name: userChrome.css
3. Add the following code to that file:

@namespace url("");
.findbar-highlight { display: none; }

4. Restart Firefox.

Useful links:

Mike can you tell if this is intended/expected at least? I'm not really sure if this is intended (I don't have a Mac so I can't really confirm). But from what I understand [1], Ctrl+A by itself shouldn't be doing anything with the Highlight All button in this case.

I also don't remember seeing anything about a shortcut like this in the code, maybe I missed it somehow.

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This is indeed a clash of keyboard shortcuts. So what should be done here is to change the 'Highlight All' shortcut from `CTRL+a` to `CTRL+l` (for example). That's the easiest I can think of.
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