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Provide a chrome registration flag for the platform version


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When supporting more then one application, its often more convenient for an extension to specify which platform version their binary component is compatible to. This patch adds a "platformversion" chrome registration flag that acts similar to the appversion flag.
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Fix - v1

Dave, what do you think of this? This might be a footgun that isn't worth it, but I don't have a strong opinion.
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Fix - v1

Since we require binary components to be built against a particular platform version I think allowing component selection based on the platform version makes sense, particularly for other apps where the versions don't match.
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Thanks! Any chance this could be backported to earlier branches? With this patch it would be possible to support more than two Thunderbird versions at once and the earlier thats possible the better.
AFAIK we have documentation of those flags on MDN, so this addition should be mentioned there as well.
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The documentation contained a slight error, the flag is platformversion not geckoversion. I've corrected this at <>
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla8
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