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When Firefox on (small) handheld devices crashes, it's incredibly useful to be able to pull up the crash reports on a machine with a larger screen.  It'd be nice if crash-report identifiers were Sync'd across client instances, so that I could open about:crashes on my desktop and then see a table that listed crashes from my phone.

The crash-report identifiers are just the breakpad ids, which are just UUIDs (16 bytes).  It would be a rare client that synced more than a few KB of crash-report data.

What would be required to implement this?  Is this something non-Sync experts could hack in?  (E.g., me.)
This could be implemented easily, although we're completely revamping our internal APIs, partially so that implementing new sync data types is much easier. So I would hold off on this for a bit.
Whiteboard: [sync-engine-addition?]
How much is "a bit"? :)  Is there a tracking bug we can dep here?
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> How much is "a bit"? :)

We want to wrap this up this quarter. (As in, land this on m-c.)

> Is there a tracking bug we can dep here?

Sorta. We have an experimental project branch where we're doing work w/o the Bugzilla overhead (eventually this work will make it back to services-central through the normal review channels, but not for now). The overall "tracking" bug is bug 600059 I'd say.
OK, thanks.
Depends on: 600059
Component: Firefox Sync: UI → Firefox Sync: Backend
I don't see us prioritizing this highly in the foreseeable future.
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