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Show"bookmark all tabs" in bookmarks menu if navigated to via "firefox" button or menu bar


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So we took out "bookmark all tabs" from the bookmarks menu in bug 588011 and bug 607227, and now you only see it if you open the bookmarks menu via the keyboard, or right click on an individual tab.  Both of these are not easily discoverable (I had to google to find out about them).

I understand the motivation to not show the option when a user clicks the new "bookmarks" button (specifically because it takes up room used to show actual bookmarks).  But I think it would be better to make it still show up if you either 1) click the new "Firefox" button and mouse-navigate to "bookmarks", or 2) if you've got the Menu Bar showing, select the menu bar's "bookmarks" menu.  These are different menus from the new bookmarks button anyway (they don't show the user's bookmarks, so taking up space is less of an issue).

FWIW this seems to be a popular item on Firefox help pages:

(Also, I suspect that there's probably a fair number of people, like me, who've been using Panorama for this sort of thing, but are now running out of space in the Panorama tab and wish to "retire" some of their tab grouping to a set of bookmarks.  I.e. demand for this feature may be in a temporary lull.)
Sorry, some confusion on my part:  I realize the user's bookmarks are actually shown when you navigate to bookmarks via the window menu (or "firefox" button).  I still think it's worth having those navigation paths show the "bookmarks all tabs" option--there really ought to be a way to find this using the menu system somehow.

Alternatively, it does seem like the suggestion in bug 612228 could work, i.e. to move "bookmark all tabs" to the "list all tabs" menu.  That's a more logic place (since it already deals with all tabs) than right-clicking on a single tab, no?
Keywords: ux-discovery
I suspect the help topics are mostly due to the fact the item disappeared from the position where users were used to see it, rather than by it being not discoverable. If you are used to find something in a certain place, you are puzzled by not finding it anymore, you hardly go looking elsewhere and just think the feature has been removed.
Having it in tabs context menu is not less discoverable than where it was before if you start by completely ignoring the FX UI.
Moving and renaming menuitems has always been a pain for our users, the same happened on the Organize Bookmarks => Show All Bookmarks change.

The suggestion in bug 612228 sounds good as well, just that it will again create this OMGCHANGE issue.
The context menu for a single tab is a very odd place to put a menu item that affects all tabs, IMO.  It's not where I'd look, ever.
Jason and Jesse are right.  For someone who uses the menus for bookmarks it's totally non-discoverable and in the wrong place.  I have thousands of posts on a user support forum, and I had to ask for support.  If you have a major, necessary feature such as this, it needs to be either in plain sight or on the menu.

Not only that, you've got three different bookmarks menus, and they're all different.  It's no good to have an item missing from some menus but present on others.  Who's going to check to see how many bookmark menus they can find, and see if they're all the same?  This is really bad design, in my opinion.

Linux the menus are different still, so you also have yet another inconsistency between different OSs.  I suspect one reason that you don't have more complaints than you do already is that the missing item is still present on the main (<Alt> B) menu, as of version 7 in Windows.
There's another problem with the current design.  To bookmark one page you go to the Bookmarks menu, but to bookmark many pages you right click on ONE tab.  This is a pretty serious inconsistency.  It almost guarantees that the feature will not be found by someone who doesn't know it's there.
 > ... context menu for a single tab is a very odd place
 > to put a menu item that affects all tabs ...

 > To bookmark one page you go to the Bookmarks menu,
 > but to bookmark many pages you right click on ONE tab.

I agree that this is totally backwards, and it wasn't this way in older versions.

Bookmark All Tabs... (plural) should be on the Bookmarks (plural) menu.  Bookmark This Page (singular) should be on a (singular) tab's context menu.

Ignore the technology for a moment, and ask an English teacher which one is correct!

I'm a long time Firefox user and if I could change one thing, it would be this.
So, to bookmark a SINGLE tab, you can click on the menu labeled Bookmark_S_ and choose "Bookmark This Page", but to bookmark ALL tabs, you must right-click on a SINGLE tab and choose "Bookmark All Tabs...".

I can't see how that would make sense to anybody!

Since we're stuck with it for now, I just submitted a change to the "How do I use bookmarks?" help page to explain how to bookmark all tabs- there was no mention of it in there.

The top 3 hits for a Google (English) search on "firefox how to bookmark all tabs" are "where did it go???" pages. The Firefox Help page I linked to should be the top result for anything having to do with bookmarks. Again, I don't understand how somebody could move a major feature like that and then make no mention of how to access it in that Help entry.

Also, clicking on the Bookmarks menu vs. pressing Alt+B to pull up the menu should do EXACTLY THE SAME THING. For the third time in this post, I don't understand how anybody could think that what should be the same menu that shows up in the same place should be different depending on whether you open it with the keyboard or the mouse. I don't even understand how you would code it that way. It took me a lot of time searching to figure that out.
(Removing "Bookmark All Tabs" from the menu when you press Alt+B is not the correct solution, either- it should be switched back to always showing up.)
Duplicate of this bug: 805074
I just discovered that the reason for this is Bug 607277, which is a duplicate of bug 588011.  It turns out, you get a slightly different menu with the keyboard than with the mouse!

This is an astonishingly bad design, and it's deliberate.
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