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8 years ago
I've had this problem for a while: Nightly does not report updates when I go to About -> Nightly in Linux.  I have this problem both on my Dell desktop (Ubuntu 10.04) and my Macbook Pro (Ubuntu 11.04).  Occasionally I download and install new builds but the problem keeps recurring.


1. Download Linux build of Nightly from the Nightly download page.
2. Untar it to a directory to which my user has read/write access.
3. Use it as normal.
4. A couple days later, go to About -> Nightly.  It flashes "Checking for updates..." then says "Nightly is up to date".  But the download page reports a newer version.

For example, at the moment (2011-07-20 16:50 ET), my About page reads

8.0a1 (2011-07-18)
Nightly is up to date
You are currently on the nightly update channel
Please toggle app.update.log to true in about:config, and restart. Then open the Error Console and go About -> Nightly, and copy the message about the serviceURL (containing https://aus3.m.o....).

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8 years ago
Here you go:

AUS:SVC Checker:getUpdateURL - update URL:

Interesting, there are also a lot of messages about being on the release channel, e.g. 

AUS:SVC getDesiredChannel - channel set to: release

But About -> Nightly definitely says "You are currently on the nightly update channel."
Looks like something is a big odd in your profile. Perhaps you used aurora/beta at some point and had tried to switch to release, then manually swapped to nightly ? I bet if you look in about:config, filtered on app.update, you'll find a new channel pref set to release, and if you reset it find an update.
Looks like the app.update.desiredChannel preference got set to the release channel at some point when we still had the ui for it but before there was a release update available and aus isn't offering the latest release update.

Open about:config, filter on app.update.desiredChannel, reset the preference, and report back whether that fixes this for you.

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8 years ago
Ah yep, that was it. was set to nightly, but app.update.desiredChannel was set to release.  Changing the latter to nightly fixed the problem.  Thanks!
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